Lash & Tint Certification

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Lash & Tint Certification

About Course

Creative Beauty Academy's Lash Lift & Tinting Certification Class will teach you the skills to be able to confidently offer lash lifts and eyelash tints to your clients. These Lash Lifts & Lash Tints enhance the eye and reduce the need for daily make-up application which makes it an extremely popular service to offer. 

*You also get lifetime access to the lash lift and tint Online Training so you can review and refresh your knowledge as many times as you need to master this new skill!

Course content

videoLash Lift and Tint5 s Start
videoAbout The Founder38 s Start
videoNotices4 s Start
videoPartner With Us20 s Start
videoWelcome to the Course18 sFree
videoWhat you should know22 sFree
videoPractice26 s Start
videoMascara26 s Start
videoThe history of Eyelash Trends33 s Start
videoFalse Lashes16 s Start
video200035 s Start
video1960s43 s Start
video200527 s Start
videoSpider Lashes38 s Start
videoWhat is a lash lift?1 m 8 sFree
videoWhat happens during a treatment35 s Start
videoAnatomy of Lashes53 s Start
videoLash Lift Quiz 1 Start
videoLash Growth17 s Start
videoLash Lift Quiz 2 Start
videoThree growth phases of lashes12 s Start
videoPhase 1 Anagen16 s Start
videoPhase 2 Catagen15 s Start
videoPhase 3 Telogen6 s Start
videoPre-Treatment Sanitation Procedure25 s Start
videoSanitation & Sterilization23 s Start
videoCleaning Tools1 m 16 s Start
videoPre and Post Procedure1 m 22 s Start
videoDisposal of waste39 s Start
videoCovid Sanitation Protocol1 m 6 s Start
videoCovid Sanitation40 s Start
videoInfections1 m 45 s Start
videoThe chains of Infections1 m 21 s Start
videoBreaking the Chains2 m 4 s Start
videoClient Consultation27 s Start
videoQuestions to ask before the service23 s Start
videoContra-Indications & Conditions2 m 34 sFree
videoPatch Test Procedure57 s Start
videoWarning1 m 15 s Start
videoWhy do you need to keep a record34 s Start
videoPre Lash Documents14 s Start
videoLash Lift Forms Start
videoTools you need for your lash lift1 m 7 s Start
videoCleaning the lashes34 sFree
videoLower Lashes24 s Start
videoGel Patch Positioning with Mask1 m 9 s Start
videoApplying the silicone rod1 m 42 s Start
videoGluing the lashes1 m 2 s Start
videoStep 1- Lash Lotion1 m 28 s Start
videoStep 2- Setting 24 m 24 s Start
videoLash Tint2 m 26 s Start
videoLash Tint Removal2 m 44 s Start
videoConditioning- Final Step55 s Start
videoJoin Our Beauty Family25 s Start
videoHow to reach us8 s Start
videoLash lift Full procedure!8 m 6 s Start
Paciencia DaCosta

Paciencia DaCosta

Director Of Education

Course Instructor

Paciencia DaCosta is a Licensed Esthetician, Celebrity TV & Special Effects Master Makeup Artist who founded and established our beauty school known as Creative Beauty Academy. Paciencia serves as the Educational Director at CBA. Her extended experience throughout the entertainment and media industry has been a thing of ascending successes, but now, she is truly dedicated to training inspiring artists.

Creative Beauty Academy

Creative Beauty Academy

Esthetics & Beauty School

Course Instructor

Creative Beauty Academy is unlike any other school in the DC Metro area, as we specialize in continuing education and training for professionals in the beauty industry located in Manassas, Virginia.